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A journey for wine lovers

About us

Wine Taste Lovers is a tour operator located in Logroño- La Rioja- Spain (CALR 055)*, specialized in development of oenotourist routes that will you live uniques experiences full of flavours and aromas.

We offer standar or customized winetours for small groups from 2 persons. We offer customized winetours for biger groups too.

We offer ½ day winetours, full day winetours, or we design a winetour of several days if you need.

We select the wineries to visit depending your profile, classic, modern or familiar wineries… you will visit landscapes between vineyards and enjoy wine.

If you need hotel, to include meals or any need, say it to us and we include it in your winetour.

We can combine your winetour with cultural or gastronomic visits, walkings between vineyards or road trips between vineyards.

You can see some standar winetours: or 


Supporting documents of travel agency:

Rioja´s Government resolution: pag 1pag 2

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